Other Worlds, Music Film Festival, Blackpool - UK (2016)

Suspended Accounts II, Mosaic Rooms, London (2016)

Tse Tse Fly: Sound Art, Dubai (2016)

Tomorrow I May Disappear, Academia Gallery, Utrecht (2015) 

Prospects: Before You Ask Me To Stay, HKU, Utrecht (2015) 

Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Venice (2015)

Boiler Room, Academia Gallery, Utrecht (2014)

Suspended Accounts, Qattan Foundation, Ramallah (2014)

A Funny Kind of Exhibition, Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai (2013)

Hunger, DUCTAC, Dubai (2013)

The Big Picture, DUCTAC, Dubai (2013)

VJ Festival, Istanbul (2011)

In Situ, Jam Jar, Dubai (2009)

Space-tacular, Volume Foundation, Rome (2008)

a strong sense of the fabrication of things, Riwak, Sharjah (2008)

Progressive Movement, Meadows, Dubai (2007)

Minus Reality, Art Attack Gallery, Dubai (2007)

Al Hakeeba, Alexandria Atelier, Alexandria (2007)

Exit, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah (2006)




Iman Al Sayed, Palestinian artist and cultural practitioner, graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Sharjah with a BFA in Sculpture, and continued studying human rights, museology, VJing and metaphysics at a later stage. In 2015, she obtained her Masters in Fine Art from Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art. Al Sayed uses metal, objects, moving images and words to investigate processes, repetition, nostalgia, archives and documentation, while researching the sociopolitical effects of displacement, as well as the language used in statistics and media to describe the displaced, refugees and Diaspora. She also researches modern art and the political scene in the Arab world, and collaborates on multidisciplinary projects with other artists, curators and researchers, on alternative and contemporary art theories, readings, education and artistic research. She also works on research, publishing and writing for cultural organizations in the Arab region. Al Sayed has participated in exhibitions and residencies in the UAE, UK, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Palestine and Netherlands, and was selected as a finalist for the Young Artist of the Year Award, organized by Qattan Foundation in 2014. She participated in the first Research Pavilion at Venice Biennial in 2015. 




Iman Al Sayed works on research projects, editorial consultancies and writings with cultural organizations. She joined Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority in 2008 where she worked on publishing museum books and exhibition catalogues, as well as creating and managing publishing strategies. Before that, she was part of the Technical & Production team of the Sharjah Art Foundation (2006-2008), where she worked on Sharjah Biennial 8, Artists in Residence, Andreas Gursky exhibition and the first March Meeting in 2008. In 2003, Iman Al Sayed co-founded the Palestinian Cultural Club in the University of Sharjah and was a member of the Palestinian Social Committee. In 2015, Al Sayed co-founded Al Nakba Museum project in Amsterdam, Netherlands.




iman Al sayed